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Where We Pushed The Limits!

Ozzy's story behind the quickest and fastest Barra is something that is so inspirational, along with our workshop Empire Mechanical & Racing and our very own parts store we have worked together endlessly to push the limits of the Ford and BARRA motor to be in particular. Ozzy started off with us just aiming for a happy 350kw in his FG Xr6 Turbo, and from there he did not want to stop! His Xr6 Turbo went from 350kw, to 450kw to 700kw and just kept climbing from there as he quickly feel inlove with the adrenaline drag racing gave him! As a result along with ourselves and our workshop Ozzy took this beast to an insane 1/4 ET: 7.2s @ 192mph! The amount of R&D we done with this vehicle is the very foundation we built all our performance parts to handle. From our billet oil pump gears, to our billet sprocket, to our timing chain kits to ultimately everything in our Empire Elite catalogue! It is safe our performance parts have been put to the ultimate test! We have not seen the end of KNGFGX so keep your eyes peeled ;).