About Us

At Empire Elite, we offer a professional service to our customers with top quality parts, at an affordable price and our backing assurance. Our passion had led us where we are today, here at Empire Elite Performance Parts our efforts in building and supplying top quality performance cars & parts, are driven with passion, hard-work and research & development. When we say research and development, WE mean it! Why’s that? Because we have our own Empire Elite branded performance parts, from oil pump gears, to head-studs to dress up kits we do it all. Our research and development has allowed us to now supply thousands of cars with our very own top quality parts, as well as using them on our very own cars, built at our performance shop Empire Mechanical & Racing. As well as making our own parts, we do also supply many well-known performance products and work with them to assure we are giving our customer’s what they need, to complete their transition from STREET TO ELITE.

Performance Is Our Passion!

A long with our workshop we currently hold the record for Australia's fastest mustang! Rocking a built Coyote this v8 single turbo combo has set a record of 7.93s @ 171mph! Rocking some of our most infamous performance parts as well as our heavy duty oil pump gears and backing plate!

All Around The World!

From the start of Benny's journey we have been a part of supplying our best engine combinations with all of our very own performance parts to assist in keeping this Cresta shocking the world! Our engine combination has travelled so far as to America and was a part of Benny's journies in drag week!

We Break Records!

A long with our workshop Empire Mechanical & Racing we have been a part of the BADDEST FGX on the planet! Our very own performance parts as well as reputable brands have been sourced and supplied to break limits and break records! Ozzy's FGX still holds the record for the quickest and fastest Barra with a PB of 7.2s @ 192.3mph!

We Keep On, Keeping On!

Take a dive into one of Empire Mechanical & Racing's latest build with another bad Barra! Jake's EMRJET has been driven and constantly pushed to it's limits with all our very own performance parts and has had a PB of 8.3s @ 172mph with much more in it!